First Look at the Nintendo Switch

The Nintendo Switch will allow gamers to take their console with them on the go using detachable handles and a hidden screen inside the console. So the home console can switch to become the travelling companion. It also has a kickstand and even local networking so you can play Splatoon with local friends too. Also the detachable controllers can be shared in landscape and become mini wireless controllers to play together on the same Switch screen.

Coming in 2017!

Vortex Pok3r Mechanical Keyboard Review

Vortex Pok3r Mechanical Keyboard Review

In the world of mechanical keyboard, one product stand out as being one of the most awaited and probably one of the most sold keyboards in recent years. The Vortexgear Pork3r compact keyboard is often regarded as a solid choice that has made its proofs and regularly appears on /r/MechanicalKeyboards as the endgame of the post author.

But what is it that makes this keyboard such a loved one and does it still make sense in 2016?

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New Macs Coming October 27Th!

New Macs Coming October 27Th! ➟

The big news will be an update to the MacBook Pro, representing the high-end laptop’s first overhaul since 2012.

A new version of the iMac has been in development with an option for new graphics chips from AMD.

A new version of the MacBook Air with multi-functional USB-C port technology has also been in development.

All this is amazing! I can’t wait to see what Apple has in store for us! But no Mac Pro? Given that there were no leaks of the original black cylinder Mac Pro, there must be something new we don’t expect!

Welcome to Macintosh Season 3 on Kickstarter

Welcome to Macintosh Season 3 on Kickstarter ➟

There are a couple of high production podcast out there and one of my favorite is looking for your help to front the cost of travel, and other expenses before he actually starts the production. This kind of work requires lots of money and that’s the reason why Mark Bramhill needs our help!

You can chip in as little as 10$ and you will get updates as well as unreleased content.

Welcome to Macintosh: Season 3