The 'Get a Mac' Oral History (Podcast + 2-part Serie)

The 'Get a Mac' Oral History (Podcast + 2-part Serie) ➟

This was perhaps the funniest and smartest marketing campaign I got to see during my lifetime. It was well written and even though some of the lines were directly targeted at PC there was always this caring feeling between the two actors. Like if they were simply good friends going against each other in a friendly way.

I’m not sure exactly how many ran, but what I was sure is that there were many more that were done. Justin Long (Mac), John Hodgman (PC) and scriptwriter Jason Sperling join for a quick 44 minutes podcast episode with Campaign US.

As much as I tried to find it in an easy to link form, it seems it can only be listened to over at CampaignUS website.

Also, there is much more to this than just a podcast episode. You can read through a 2-part series by Douglas Quenqua. Packed with so much good stuff!

An oral history of ‘Get a Mac,’ Part 1

An oral history of ‘Get a Mac,’ Part 2


Jimmy Fallon Debuts the Nintendo Switch and Super Mario Run

As always, Jimmy Fallon gets to experiment new games and console first! Regis Fils-Aime brought a playable demo of Super Mario Run and even the Nintendo Switch for a few minutes of game play.

We did not see much more that before sadly, these on-air play sessions are so short. As you expect this is looking great!

Apple will feature demo stations of Super Mario Run across the globe in the Apple Stores starting today! You will be able to play the first few levels of the game and experiment it for yourself!