Let's come to the evidence, Apple is building a car

February 19, 2015 12:51 EST • Alexandre Vallières-Lagacé • 1 minute read

I’m the first surprised. Having gizmos on top of a minivan could always be explained by some kind of Apple-style Street View, poching employees could still be for software purposes, perhaps for CarPlay 2.0. But poaching powertrain-engineers and CTO of battery company, it’s not just for really-powerful iPhone batteries.

We could have done a phone or a car.

It goes something like that and I think it was from Phil Schiller. So I think we can all agree that what’s next for Apple is an Apple Car. If you are still sceptic, here’s a list of the most recent employee that joined Apple.

David Nelson, mechanical engineering manager at Tesla John Ireland, senior powertrain test engineer at Tesla Lauren Ciminera, head recruiter at Telsa (recruits engineers) Mujeeb Ijaz, chief technology officer at A123 Systems (battery company) David Pernerl, engineer at Ford Jim Cuseo, engineer at Ford (in 2010) Fernando Cunha, Product Design Supervisor at GM Dillon Thomasson, from General Dynamics Robert Gough, from Autoliv Hugh Jay, from EMCO Gears Rui Guan, from Ogin

Any doubts? I don’t anymore ;)