Multi-tier App Store price structure open letter

February 20, 2015 13:18 EST • Alexandre Vallières-Lagacé • 1 minute read

Jeff Hunter reports:

Therefore, please consider changing the App Store 70% / 30% revenue split to a tiered rate, where Apple takes less of the developer’s first revenues. For example, perhaps Apple could take nothing from the first $100K in annual revenue for a developer, and 30% after that. Or maybe Apple could take 10% from the first $100K, 20% from the next $100K, and 30% after that.

This change would be a shot in the arm for Apple’s independent developers, and would allow more people to work full-time on creating software for Apple platforms.

This is something that I think would introduce a very welcome change to the dynamic of the App Store. Indie developers would be able to get higher revenues and big companies would be compensating for the loss of revenues of smaller players. But most of all, it would be much more interesting to develop for the iOS platform than it is for competition. More developers is always a good thing.