 Watch Buying Experience Guessing

March 9, 2015 11:33 EST • Alexandre Vallières-Lagacé • 2 minute read

Following a discussion with my good friend Tyler, I realized that I did not put in words what will the buying experience be with the new  Watch.

##Online It will be as usual, simplicity at its best. You choose a pre-assembled watch and band, add extra bands if you want, hit Checkout. And done.

##In the stores That’s where it’ll be interesting. I’m leaning toward a replication of the classic jewelry store counter type of presentation. A small (because not many Apple Store have unused space) high desk with one or two Geniuses with different colored t-shirt, probably even a real shirt. At your disposition, to present you the different models and to try them on.

He will have pre selected Watches and bands that are the defaults and you will be able to try on any different combinations. Think of all the watch in those nice little holders on a tray that comes out of the counter. And another one with tightly placed together bands to mix and match.

Since the bands can be easily removed by pressing down the pin on the inside of the Watch, it will be a matter of minutes to try out different combinations.

I’m still wondering how Apple will handle the large amount of people in the frist few weeks that will swarm around the  Watch table.