 Watch Price Game

March 9, 2015 10:13 EST • Alexandre Vallières-Lagacé • 1 minute read

Ok, well here are the prices of the different  Watches that will be announced in a few hours.

I will go with something very Apple-like, simplicity.

  •  Watch and  Watch Sports have a simple price structure

  •  Watch Edition is, well, special and have different price per size

  • 38mm and 42mm will not have a price difference (except for  Watch Edition)

 Watch Sports — 349$ with fluoroelastomer band. No price difference for colors of the aluminum casing

 Watch — 549$ steel with link bracelet

 Watch Edition — 1,949$ with an unanounced gold link bracelet

All other bracelets will be like the rubber and leather cases for iPhones, pick and choose which one you want but not bundled with the watch. Pink gold will not be more expansive.

As opposed to other blogger seperating each and little differences into 50$ increments, I think Apple will try to keep the Sport and Watch simple for consumers like other products.

No capacity choices yet, probably next year. Also, maybe Apple will go all boutique and have the possibility to really mix and match when purchasing in an Apple Store. But not online, as it will make the shopping experience too complicated for nothing.