 Watch Aftermath

March 16, 2015 13:41 EST • Alexandre Vallières-Lagacé • 3 minute read

I have to say that I’m impressed by the Apple Watch, but not so much on the unveil itself. I was expecting far more new features then what we already knew. The Inspector Gadget way of calling and talking to Siri is very nice and will lead to very weird people talking to their wrist. That’ll be funny!

We must give it to Apple to demo us cool manufacturing videos and the Apple Watch was not an exception. But we did not get too much details on exactly how Apple makes the gold scratch resistant (proof?). Here is one of them for your pleasure. All the other ones are on Apple’s YouTube channel.


Now what do I think of the  Watch?

I was impressed by the look of the Motorola 360 when it was presented to me, but the software side was very Meh. The Apple Watch has both a great hardware and great software side, both of which are very attractive to me. I sure would like to discover how it all fits together and I’m looking forward to try one on.

I was strongly expecting more “how-to” demonstrations that made understanding the iPhone and iPad pre-launch. This time, it was basically a rehash of what we already knew and not a single “here’s how you do X” type of video. After the fact, I realize that in 2007 and even in 2010 both the iPhone and iPad required this kind of information to kickstart developer’s idea (and attract new developers). In 2015, it seems we have a vibrant enough developer’s community that they can take care of coming up with great apps themselves.

I was happy to see the new bands, although the stainless steel Watch is much more expansive than I thought it would be. Clearly Apple is now charging what it thinks people are OK with in terms of price and not what the price should really be according to components and manufacturing costs. I was initially looking forward to the 42mm Space Black Case with Black Stainless Steel Link Bracelet, a hefty 1,099$US that, thanks to the new currency value, becomes 1,459$CA and taxes, it would add up to 1,677$. On my wrist. 350$ OK, 599$ at the most would be OK but not 1,700$. I’m not a fashion oriented guy so that price is not justifiable to me.

42mm Space Grey Aluminium Case with Black Sport Band for 519$CA would be the most I would be willing to pay for such type of device. But I understand why other would pay much more, like 22,000$CA for the  Watch Edition.

Fashion price and Limited Edition

I totally understand what Apple is trying to do with the Edition, a first run, first generation of a new class of product will be interesting for many, plus the collectible crowd will be pleased. I’m sure the market value will increase in the coming months, especially if we eventually learn how many total units there will be or if Apple is now out of stock for good.

I’m just really curious how Apple will handle the technology side of things. Will there be a new watch every year? Will the coming Watch SDK require more ressources because developers get too creative? After an iPhone 3G looking watch, are we expecting to see a S2 chip that can bring down the depth of the watch next year?

Upgradable S1 chip or not? This will be fun to watch! (puns intended)