Backblaze B2 to Go Against Amazon S3

Backblaze B2 to Go Against Amazon S3

September 22, 2015 17:27 EST • Alexandre Vallières-Lagacé • less than 1 minute read

Backblaze the backup service that only costs 5$/month is launching a new service called B2, an object storage that is. For only 0.005$/GB/month, or if you prefer ½¢ per gigabyte per month of hosting cost!

This is very competitive! At the moment, Amazon S3 charges 2.2¢/GB/month and Amazon Glacier 0.7¢ for strictly hosting (no API for developers). So Backblaze B2 is effectively cheaper than a “hosting only and forget it” service from Amazon. But you get a great API to integrate in your applications!

What about restores? Well, these will cost you about 0.05$ per gigabyte. But Backblaze also has a free tier! If you keep your total space used under 10GB and download at most 1GB per day (and 2500 transactions), it’s free!

So no reason not that backup the most important things right now!

You want it? You get on the waiting list to get your account by subscribing here.

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