Infuse for tv Is Chugging Along Nicely

Infuse for tv Is Chugging Along Nicely

November 9, 2015 21:25 EST • Alexandre Vallières-Lagacé • 2 minute read

Today, FireCore published an update announcing the first wave of beta tester should hear from then during the week. A TestFlight email will allow them to fully experience Infuse for iOS on their brand new tvOS.

The other important tidbit of information from their blog post is that the tvOS version of Infuse will actually be bundled with the iOS version and simply be an update for those who already purchased Infuse 3 Pro (the in-app purchase to bring the Free version to Pro).

I’m not sure if this is a good thing or not. I prefer to pay for apps and updates, especially for those that I use many hours per week. The developer should be compensated for the extra work being done to update his app and add new features. However, the tvOS ecosystem is very new and not that many new Apple TV are in customers homes in comparison to iPhones. Perhaps the free update is the wise thing to do, for now, and eventually when there are enough tv in living rooms, make it a paid upgrade, perhaps a separate iAP.

Anyways, I will be part of the beta and will be playing with the app ALOT. It’s perhaps the #1 reason for me to get an tv and ditch my Kodi customized Chromebox! I will refrain from discussing the beta until the 1.0 is release (or perhaps 4.0 since they are already on 3.6.1).