Innovelis Totalmount Pro for Apple TV Now Available in the Apple Store

Innovelis Totalmount Pro for Apple TV Now Available in the Apple Store

November 25, 2015 18:06 EST • Alexandre Vallières-Lagacé • less than 1 minute read

With the new Apple TV new capabilities I bet that it will solve most of the living room issues with consuming content. It can still run those “channel” apps but the App Store opens up possibilities to view family videos hosted on NAS and other computers. It can also be a gaming console so for many people it will replace many devices. For me it replaces my Chromebox running Kodi and my Roku for all the streaming content.

This new holder from Innovelis can help in hiding the Apple TV behind the TV away from your eyes and the new Bluetooth remote makes it work flawlessly without requiring a direct line of sight for the infrared beam.

I will sure pick one up when I will be renovating my basement TV room and perhaps make it so that no wires and no furniture is needed!

Innovelis Apple TV Mount (US)

Innovelis Apple TV Mount (CA)

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