The Cosmonauts: Beginnings, a new fun game on iOS and tvOS

The Cosmonauts: Beginnings, a new fun game on iOS and tvOS

December 21, 2015 12:00 EST • Alexandre Vallières-Lagacé • 1 minute read

A new fun game just popped on the App Store, The Cosmonauts: Beginnings. A simple tap left/right game where you navigate a spaceship through moving obstacles and gain points. Simple, yet very fun and scored with a great soundtrack!


It also includes an Apple TV version and the developer, MicroPixels, is working on Apple TV and iPhone multiplayer. This is also the first game of a series by the developer.

The Cosmonauts: Beginnings

iAP or play!

The game is free and has one in-app purchase to remove the ads. But the developer is trying something interesting, if you reach 150 points they will be removed automatically! So it’s like Play to… Play? :) Love the idea! Also, you only see add when you crash and your score is even. So odds are you will only see it 50% of the times, until you reach 150. But beware, 150 is no easy feat! You can reach 30-40 without effort, but after that things get crazy quickly!

The Cosmonauts: Beginnings — Free (iOS and tvOS) Apple TV — 199$

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