How to Add a Blocklist to Synology Download Station [Tutorial]

How to Add a Blocklist to Synology Download Station [Tutorial]

January 28, 2017 16:09 EST • Alexandre Vallières-Lagacé • less than 1 minute read

Here’s a quick tutorial to add a blocklist to Synology’s great Download Station. The feature is built in but sadly not used by the user interface so you need to update the settings file of the app and restart it to apply the changes.

Connect to your DiskStation

ssh admin@diskstation
sudo -i

Edit startup script to remove the line that deletes the config file. You need to know how to use vi for this part.

vi /var/packages/DownloadStation/scripts/start-stop-status

Comment out the follow line like so:

# rm ${PACKAGE_DIR}/etc/download/settings.json

Save and exit vi

Edit the Download Station settings file to add the blocklist URL

vi /var/packages/DownloadStation/etc/download/settings.json

Set line “blocklist-enabled” to true Set line “blocklist-url” to

If you are looking for a great blocklist tool, checkout the Ultimate Blocklist I host on GitHub.

Restart service

/var/packages/DownloadStation/target/scripts/ restart

All done! Your Download Station will now use the bocklist for your downloads!

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