Magic Bridge Review

Magic Bridge Review

June 22, 2017 12:50 EST • Alexandre Vallières-Lagacé • 2 minute read

There were many accessories released over the years that can help you with the ergonomics of your desk. Wrist rests are one type, we even had a keyboard riser in the past that was quite the opposite of ergonomic. But what if you are a proud user of a Magic Trackpad 2 and a Magic Keyboard? The newer models do not have the round battery compartment so they can’t fit old solutions to keep them still.

This is where Twelve South, makers of quality accessories, gets in the ring! The Magic Bridge is the solution to keep your Magic Keyboard and Magic Trackpad 2 closer together.

Magic Bridge by Twelve South


The Magic Bridge is a simple plastic holder that allows you to snap in your Keyboard and trackpad. There is also a gray sliding component that allows you to set the Magic Keyboard to the left or to the right. Lefties will be pleased!

Clean and practical!

Once installed, both devices are firmly set on your desk and they will not move!


  • Compatible with Magic Trackpad 2 and Magic Keyboard
  • Designed to fit perfectly
  • Made of quality plastic
  • Compatible for righties and lefties


The setup process could not be simpler. Choose if you want the Trackpad to your left or your right, slide the hold to the correct side. Drop in your Magic Keyboard with an angle, same for the Magic Trackpad and bingo! You’re all set!

The charging ports are accessible so you do not need to take either device out of the Magic Bridge. And the same goes for the ON/OFF switches. Being made of plastic, there are no more interferences so they should work as they do without it from the same distance if you need to take your keyboard to the couch.

The rubber pads below the Magic make sure that it’s stable and does not move on your desk.


I really love the look that the Magic Bridge gives us. A clean, straight setup and the best thing is that when moving your hand to the Magic Trackpad 2, it does not push it around. Clean and highly practical is the best combo for a killer looking (and efficient) desk!

Review Summary

Magic BridgeTwelve South LLC
Magic Bridge

The Magic Bridge makes your Magic Keyboard and Magic Trackpad 2 stay close together and look amazingly well on your desk.

Magic Bridge
Magic Keyboard
Magic Trackpad 2

The Good Stuff
  • Super easy to setup
  • Cables and switches accessible
  • Looks incredibly good
  • Compatible for leftie setup
The Bad Stuff
  • None!
The Ratings
Ease of use
Overall: 95%
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