LG G6 Review

LG G6 Review

August 23, 2017 19:25 EST • Alexandre Vallières-Lagacé • 4 minute read

The year 2017 is the year of the slim bezel and wider screen for sure. We got the LG G6 as the first device on the forefront of this new screen ration wave. We also have the rumours of the iPhone 8 or iPhone Pro with the same kind of facade design, the HTC U11 and even the Galaxy Note 8.


This is a very interesting change as since the move to a 16:9 ratio and HD (or +) resolution, nothing major changed on the look of the screens. They got better, of course, but the ratio was kept the same since 2012. The LG G6 has a screen ratio of 18:9, or 2:1 if you’re following, and a diagonal of 5.7".

LG G6, a 18:9 ratio screen

That screen also has a screen to body ratio of 80%, making the front of the device almost exclusively screen. But at 5.7", you do have lots of screen real estate without compromising on the handling of the phone. It fits so well in my hand, it’s almost like a regular iPhone but it also keeps the same screen superficies of a big iPhone Plus.

This alone is a very interesting design change and could be the best idea since high density screens! Just by leaving the 16:9 ratio behind, you can get something very interesting in terms of ergonomics without compromising on screen real estate!

The only downside is the return of the black bars. Remember when we had the new iPhone 5 and apps took months if not more than one year to update and see those black bars go away? Well, now they’re back but forever. Just load up a YouTube video and you’ll see what I mean on each side of the video. One of the major uses I do of a smartphone is watching videos and let me tell you, I was not happy to see those bars again. Games are also affected by this behaviour sadly. Regular applications that leverage the auto-scaling feature of Android are not affected as a table view is simply longer with more content to fill up the screen.


  • 5.7” 2:1 ratio display
  • Narrow bezel and round corner screen design
  • Dual 13MP rear cameras
  • Wide angle lens (125°) front camera
  • Google Assistant Built-in


The very first boot up of the LG G6 is fast and very gentle to the eye. At this moment normally I’m quick to remove the launcher and manufacturer apps. I still find it weird but ended up keeping the LG launcher nonetheless. For me this is a big plus!

The general performances of the G6 are great and I could see myself use that device as my daily driver. I even switched back to the default Google launcher and did not see any performance gain or loss. And frankly, it’s the first time I really think a manufacturer’s UI is so pleasing. In terms of user interface animation, the phone is very fluid and I did not see it jitter like other phones still being released in 2017.

USB-C on the G6

A few more words on the display. It’s powered by an AMOLED panel and even has the Dolby Vision stamp of approval. You guessed right, this means that this screen is HDR10 compliant just like your brand new 4K television. An advancement that is very welcome as we must not stop innovation, but on a small screen like this the deepest blacks and brighter colours are visible but not world changing. One last thing on the display, since it’s an IPS display it’s not compatible with Google’s Daydream headset.

The phone is also water resistant, something that is welcomed for anyone that is as clumsy as me. The IP68 rating makes it resistant to accidental dip in water, but only for fresh water so the sea and the pool does not count. Make sure that if gets in one of those that you clean it up with fresh water as soon as possible.


Overall the LG G6 is a great phone, great looks and an innovative screen with a different screen ratio is refreshing. If the larger size phones like Pixel XL or the iPhone 7 Plus is too large for you, but you crave for a bigger screen without the bigger form factor, the LG G6 is the way to go! As an Android device it’s in my top list and if you can get it a decent price, it’s very recommended. Now if you think of going from a Pixel XL to the G6, you might be surprised by some of the design quirks between the two that can actually be irritating like the button fingerprint sensor. Nothing you can’t get over but it will be weird in the beginning.

Review Summary

G6LG Electronics

The LG G6 is a very interesting redesign of the common smartphone with a new screen technology and a new screen ratio. Here's our review.

LG G6 Smartphone

The Good Stuff
  • Gorgeous display
  • Great performance
  • Great wide selfie camera
  • Refreshing screen ratio
The Bad Stuff
  • Not compatible with Google Daydream
  • Button fingerprint sensor instead of touch
The Ratings
Overall: 80%
Disclaimers: This product or service was loaned for the purpose of this review.
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