Innovelis TotalMount Deluxe for AirPort Extreme [Review]

Innovelis TotalMount Deluxe for AirPort Extreme [Review]

December 11, 2017 13:00 EST • Alexandre Vallières-Lagacé • 2 minute read

The Airport Extreme is a great router, it’s not the fastest on the marker but for a condo or single-level houses it can be awesome. Especially since it’s one of the only routers I was able to test that is actually exactly like a utility. It’s like you’re running water, it just works!

But what happens when you want to hide it from view? How can you install it out of your viewing angle? Innovelis has exactly the solution for you with its TotalMount Deluxe for Airport Extreme, a support that can be attached to a wall or behind a panel.


The TotalMount Deluxe is completely made of plastic so it will not affect the range or dispersion of your precious Wi-Fi wavelengths. It accepts the Airport Extreme latest generation, that’s 2013 more precisely, with 802.11 ac. You simply slide it in and there’s a gap behind it so you can pass through the wires below or above it.

Total Mount from Below

Remember the fan at the bottom? Well, the mount does not block it. Actually the bottom of the Airport Extreme is fully accessible and it lets the airflow roam freely. In my setup, I went a step further by purchasing a universal shotgun connector extension cable that plugs in the 8-shape connect of the Airport Extreme and I used Monoprice's cable management kit to let the Ethernet cables and power cable run along the top of the wall.

With Monoprice Cable Management


  • Made of plastic
  • Space for cable passthrough
  • Fan is not obstructed


I strongly recommend the TotalMount Deluxe if like me, you need to set your AirPort Extreme in a place out of sight and, more importantly, floating in the air so nobody knocks it over! In my situation I wanted to set it so it would far from any metal, so away from the NAS and switch and away from the water heater.

Innovelis also makes a mount for the Apple TV so you can be sure I will be buying this shortly to pair with my new Vizio P65-C1 4K TV !

Review Summary

Innovelis TotalMount Deluxe for Airport ExtremeInnovelis, Inc.
Innovelis TotalMount Deluxe for Airport Extreme

The TotalMount Deluxe is a support to install the Airport Extreme out of harm's way or simply out of your sight.

TotalMount Delux for Airport Extreme
TotalMount for Aiport Extreme

The Good Stuff
  • Simple, yet, effective design
  • Bottom fully exposed
  • Lots of place for cables to be pass
The Bad Stuff
  • Not available everywhere
The Ratings
Overall: 88%
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