Belkin Stand for Apple Pencil Review

Belkin Stand for Apple Pencil Review

January 01, 2019 17:18 EST • Alexandre Vallières-Lagacé • less than 1 minute read

Here’s a quick article for the Belkin Apple Pencil Stand, a very nice, heavy stand to store your first generation Apple Pencil on your desk. This way it won’t be forgotten in a drawer somewhere.


The Belkin Apple Pencil Stand is a nice brushed aluminum rounded block with a rubber centre that receives your Apple Pencil. There’s not much more than this to say. It’s heavy, it’s nice to look at and it’s well made.


The Belkin Apple Pencil Stand is strongly recommended to save your Apple Pencil from the depths of your desk drawer. This way you can regularly plug it in and have it always ready to be used. The Stand does not charge it, but I still recommend it.

Review Summary

Apple Pencil StandBelkin International inc.
Apple Pencil Stand

What if I told you the Belkin Apple Pencil Stand exists to save your Apple Pencil from the depths of your drawers?

Belkin Apple Pencil Stand

The Good Stuff
  • Great Looking
  • Solid and Constructed Well
  • Saves your Pencil
The Bad Stuff
  • None!
The Ratings
Overall: 90%
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