Apple TV 4K Dream Setup, Wire-Free with Great Sound

Apple TV 4K Dream Setup, Wire-Free with Great Sound

April 7, 2019 11:32 EST • Alexandre Vallières-Lagacé • 3 minute read

When I was preparing for my upgraded living room, I choose a great Vizio 4K television to benefit from that nice 4K HDR picture, but I also needed a new Apple TV 4K , the right cables and accessories to make all of this setup nice, tidy and most of all great looking and kid proof.

I had most of the gear chosen pretty early on and that includes the Apple TV 4K, the only hassle less 4K HDMI cable from Belkin that is trusted to do the best job, an elago Multi Mount to stick the Apple TV to the back of the TV using magnets and the elago R1 Siri Remote Case to protect the glass of the Siri Remote in case of drops.

Change of Plan

Not long after I got the Vizio TV, I realized that the back of the TV is made of plastic, but not plastic that hides a slate of metal, therefore I cannot use the 4 strong magnets of the elago Multi Mount to attach it to the TV. I have to use the rubber loop handle to attach it to my TV wall mount and leave it dangling away from eyesight.

Not the worst thing that could happen. With a bit of cable management, I can get all this setup nicely since the 6ft of the Belkin Ultra High Speed 4K HDMI Cable requires some black tie wrap to loop it around the back of the television.

I used to have the TotalMount Apple TV mount that sticks to the back of the TV, but twice it fell. I should probably have given it more time to really set by placing the TV face down and adding weight to the back of the mount for a couple of hours, but I was in a hurry and I wanted to play with my new toys! 🙂

Kid Safe

Not sure if you look up the price, but a Siri Remote repair is very expensive, 79$ in the US so probably over 100$ in Canada, so I always trusted the elago R1 Case for my original Apple TV and could have not been more satisfied! I even tried knock offs when I first got the Apple TV 4K, but highly regretted it. Bad moulding, cheap materials, etc.

Now both my Apple TV remotes are protected with the trusted elago R1 Case!

What About Sound?

For this part of the setup I was looking at a compact solution that is a no-fuss solution either. I did not want to fiddle with a ton of wire or latency. Therefore I choose the Sonos Playbar , an optical cable solution with only another thin wire for the power. It even matches my TV for the metallic accents!

Nothing fancy here in terms of setup, I only installed the Playbar Mount (sold separately) to the TV wall mount and that was it.


This is not the most complicated or involved setup but covers the ground to get a fast Apple TV mounted to the back of the TV and a soundbar just below. No wires dangling and a protected expensive Apple TV Remote.

Have you recently done a TV setup? If so let me know what parts you choose and what setup you did!

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