Mophie Snap+ Juice Pack Mini With Stand Review

Mophie Snap+ Juice Pack Mini With Stand Review

January 11, 2024 12:50 EST • Alexandre Vallières-Lagacé • 5 minute read

I was recently looking for a good way to double my iPhone capacity on the go. A thing that I could have in my pockets or in my backpack and not have to think about cables. A MagSafe battery pack would be ideal. The issue is that although it has a cool animation and can show both the phone and the battery current capacity on the lock screen, it’s only 60% extra power for an iPhone 12 or 13 Pro.

I need more power. I want this to be at least another full charge, and the 1,460 mAh does not seem to cut it. This is where our old friend Mophie come into play!

Mophie has a similar product, with extra capacity and extra features that could be very interesting! The mophie snap+ juice pack mini is, like the name implies, a battery pack that is fully compatible with MagSafe, holds 5,000 mAh and even has a stand!


The snap+ juice pack mini is a pretty rectangular prism shaped battery that has a MagSafe and Qi compatible surface on one side, and a stand on the other side. A sturdy and very solid metal stand that ends on a little rubberized foot so it does not scratch surfaces.

On one side you have the classic mophie 4 LED show 25% increments with the little activation button. On the other end, a USB-C port and on the bottom side, a single white LED that illuminates when the pack is charging a phone.

The thickness of the battery case is not as large as I was expecting, but it’s also not to be considered very slim. It’s fine for short pocket charging session but I would not hold it in my pocket with an iPhone for extended periods of time. I guess this is why they included the stand, so you can use it while it’s charging.

You can place it vertically and use the stand at any angle to about 110˚, which means you can swivel the phone into landscape mode and still use the stand in a comfortable viewing angle. The MagSafe compatible surface does a good job of holding the phone in place, comparable to other devices and cases that include magnets and not just cheapo metal contacts.


  • 5,000 mAh battery capacity
  • MagSafe and Qi compatible
  • MagSafe @ 7.5W, USB-C wired charging @ 12W
  • Charging up the battery @ 20W via USB-C
  • Stand with charging while in portrait and landscape


Charging a mophie battery is, as it’s been for years now, very straightforward. The capacity LED light up and it shows you which bloc of 25% increments its currently filling. It always reminds me of the Metroid energy tanks…

Metroid Energy Thanks

You can then stick it to your iPhone or Qi-compatible Android device, and off to the races you are! It only charges at 7.5W since it’s a MagSafe-compatible and not a “real” MagSafe puck embedded in the charger. Think of it as the 1st generation of MagSafe charging. Other newer, and more expensive solutions like the powerstation wireless stand with MagSafe can go up to 15W with the MagSafe connector. Think of this as the 2nd generation of MagSafe chargers. This one is also more expensive at 129$ vs. 49$ for the snap+ juice pack mini.

snap+ juice pack mini Enery Ganks

Recharging the snap+ juice pack mini is simple and fast with its 20W charger. With a theoretical charge time of 1.25 hours, it’s very fast to fill it up before you have to run.

Finally, the LED at the bottom of the battery pack is a reminder that the phone is charging as it’s kept illuminated for as long as the battery is providing power.

I’ve used the battery pack while on vacation and when I wanted to give my phone a little top off right before leaving the house. I was usually getting about a 25% boost just to cover for longer days taking more photos and videos. It was a perfect counter charger that I only needed to plug in my wall charger once.

The stand was fun as I could let a video play while I was eating breakfast and I did not need to use the peanut butter container as my usual stand! 🤣 I also kept it in my coat inside chest pocket so that if I needed more power while hiking a mountain trail, I could have extra power. It’s much smaller than other big battery pack and it packs enough power to give you easily an extra 3/4 of a day of power.

The only downside I can see today, is the absence of what I’m calling the 2nd generation charging with 15W of charging power. It only becomes a real issue if you are in a rush and knowing you can get about 25% for each 30 min of charge, you can organize your time easily.


Given its larger capacity, the snap+ juice pack mini is the perfect companion for holidays and vacation outside the home. You can top off your phone before leaving or bring it with you and if you end up needing power near the end of the day, you could just snap it on and a new life will be put in your phone!

The stand is incredibly sturdy and can hold the phone very securely. Being able to use the phone in both portrait and landscape make this incredibly useful. The stand can open over 90˚ and when the phone is in landscape it makes for a great viewing angle.

I strongly recommend the mophie snap+ juice pack mini both as a medium size battery and an emergency battery with sufficient power to give you 3/4 to a full day of power to your mobile phone. I find this mophie product to be a much better product, then say the Apple MagSafe battery pack, since it has a larger capacity, faster wired charging and a bonus stand to be able to use it on a desktop (or counter) situation. Truly a great product!

Review Summary

snap+ juice pack miniZAGG inc.
snap+ juice pack mini

A pocketable battery pack that has a full charge up its sleeves, the snap+ juice pack mini also has a stand and can charge both MagSafe and Qi devices!

snap+ juice pack mini
powerstation wireless stand with MagSafe

The Good Stuff
  • Full charge capacity
  • Strong MagSafe hold
  • Sturdy stand
  • Wired charge at 12W
The Bad Stuff
  • Only charging @ 7.5W via MagSafe
The Ratings
Overall: 85%
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