Logitech's Latest Innovations: MeetUp 2 and Room Booking System

Logitech's Latest Innovations: MeetUp 2 and Room Booking System

May 21, 2024 15:00 EST • Alexandre Vallières-Lagacé • 2 minute read

Introducing the Logitech MeetUp 2: Revolutionizing Small Room Conferencing

Logitech’s original MeetUp, launched in 2017, set a high standard for all-in-one meeting room solutions. The new Logitech MeetUp 2 elevates this standard with AI-powered features designed for modern small room conferencing. This USB-based video bar boasts a 4K camera with real-time dewarping and digital Pan-Tilt-Zoom (PTZ), offering a 120-degree field of view.

MeetUp 2’s standout feature, RightSight 2 technology, provides multiple viewing options such as Grid View, Speaker View, and Group View, intelligently focusing on relevant participants. Its RightSound 2 technology ensures superior audio quality with noise suppression, de-reverberation, auto gain control, and beamforming.

MeetUp 2

Remote management is streamlined through integration with Teams Pro Portal, Google Device Management, and Logitech Sync, supporting both WiFi and Ethernet. The DisplayPort Alternative Mode simplifies BYOD setups by enabling USB audio and video through a single cable.

Logitech MeetUp 2

MeetUp 2 supports digital signage and upcoming platforms like Appspace, Zoom, and Teams. Its flexible installation options include wall mounts, tripods, and furniture placement, with backward compatibility with original MeetUp mounts. Privacy is ensured with a sliding shade, and sustainability is addressed with 62% recycled plastic and FSC-certified packaging. Set to ship between July and August, the MeetUp 2 is poised to redefine small room conferencing.

Enhancing Workplace Efficiency with Logitech Room Booking

Logitech’s new Room Booking system addresses common room management challenges by integrating seamlessly with Google Workspace and Office 365. The system includes a display panel with a color-coded status indicator—green for available, yellow for soon-to-be-occupied, and red for occupied—making room availability easily visible from a distance.

For Rally Bar-equipped rooms, the software can detect ongoing meetings and automatically update the room’s status. If a meeting ends early, the system releases the room for others, optimizing utilization. The Tap Scheduler, a small mounted display, integrates with Logi Tune and RoomMate, allowing users to quickly locate available rooms on a floor map.

Logitech Room Booking Map

The Room Booking system offers valuable metrics and analytics for administrators, while respecting user privacy with encrypted data and non-identifying detection features. Customization options for the Tap Scheduler include personalized background photos. All devices are managed through Logitech Sync, providing a centralized platform for oversight.

In summary, Logitech’s Room Booking system enhances workplace efficiency with its intuitive interface, advanced analytics, and strong privacy features, revolutionizing room management for businesses.