My name is Alexandre and I’m one of the guys behind the pixel. We are writers and developers of varying field of expertise. You can learn more about the writers under the authors section.

What’s Hipster Pixel?

Trying to find a name is quite hard, I’ve always had issues choosing names. Ask my wife about our kids’ names… There is nonetheless a reflection behind the name Hipster Pixel.

It comes from the joining of two concepts, Hipster, taken from this definition:

One who is exceptionally aware of or interested in the latest trends and tastes.1

And pixel, something so common nowadays that it could be seen everywhere, on our wrists, on devices and even in our glasses. So you can think of Hipster Pixel as a being on the edge of all things technology and culture, not so much fashion. This is where you can read us rambling about these things.

Who are you?

My name is Alex and I’m a web developer, fussy coffee makin’ Geek from Montréal, Canada. I’ve been writing in French on my own tech blog since 2006, mostly writing product reviews. I’m also a writer for Branchez-vous and the Future Shop Tech Blog (the French edition, that is).

Why this new blog? Well, simply put I wanted some place to comment on the news that is not “classic” in terms of blogging goes. I wanted something lite and simple where writing will take most of my time on the site and not something I have to work around making images fit or double check the META tags. You know, simplicity in a more personal way.

What powers Hipster Pixel?

This is actually the third iteration of the Hipster Pixel platform. It started with Ghost CMS, but lacked the customization I was looking for. I switched to WordPress since it is a platform I know and work with, but I was still looking for something lighter and faster. Jekyll is the platform of choice of the moment. I can assure you that it will stay like that for a while now.

Have a good day!