How We Review Products

Reviewing products is a fun job, but it requires some standards and common practices on which reviewers must base their analysis. The human is a biased machine, but we nonetheless try very hard to look at these products, their strengths and their weaknesses as what they are in the most unbiased way possible.

General Overview

We try to use the products in “the real world” as much as possible and as our main device when possible. This makes sure that we have real-world conditions to test it and not just a controlled, ideal environment. Our reviews are never written based on a spec sheet or a short 5 minutes use of the product.


Each reviewed product has a rating from the editor. We review the products based on criteria and each of these criteria are getting a score on 10. In most of the case, the overall rating is the average of all the individual ratings. We think that the 0-100 scale is very easy to grasp, so here are what each level means:

10- A real piece of garbage

20- Slightly better than garbage, but still very bad

30- Not a complete disaster, but something we definitely do not recommend

40- Mediocre

50- OK, but barely

60- Good. There are some issues, but also great qualities that can balance it out

70- Very good. A solid product with a few flaws

80- Excellent. A superb product with minor flaws.

90- Almost perfect

100- The best of the best. Perfect