Spring Forward: Apple event on March 9, what to expect

February 26, 2015 13:10 EST • Alexandre Vallières-Lagacé • 1 minute read

Great! A Spring Apple event! We did not have one last year and I like my Apple products release accross the year. So what will there be?

 Watch of course. We (desperately) need more details on the various SKUs and options. But more importantly, we need the “here’s how to use your  Watch” videos.

Something that kickstarted the iPhone revolution is all the videos, and ads, that explained how to use this new device that people did not know they wanted. We had some of those when they announced the  Watch, but it was not enough. And I’m sure there is a list of unanounced features they will finally make public.

Spring Forward can also mean what’s coming after the spring, perhaps that famous 12" iPad Pro? New Macs with the latest Intel chipset?

What I would really want to see is a 4K Thunderbolt Display, but it would also need a new MacBook Pro Retina to power it.