Nomad 70W Car Charger Review

Nomad 70W Car Charger Review

January 14, 2024 08:00 EST • Alexandre Vallières-Lagacé • 3 minute read

Car chargers are not something new to this world. I’ve been using them all the way back to my Nokia 6300 in the mid 2000s. They often used to come with a proprietary connector but have since moved on to USB as the main way to plug a phone. With USB they gave out 5, 10 or 12W of power and more recently we got models with two ports. This is what I used to have, a 2 USB-A charger with 10W each.

But Nomad took this and pushed it to its limits! Moving to USB-c allows them to use higher power and thus the 70W Car Charger came into existence!


The carbide charger fits in the classic 12V connector of your car and offers a total of 70W across the two ports. More on the power distribution later. The charger fits nicely in the charging port, but depending on how your console is designed, it might be inside the centre console drawer, vertically on the console itself or worst, it might come out right next to the passenger left leg.

Solid charger with two USB-C ports

Nomad made a good job of not making it flimsy, it is a very sturdy connector so it could withstand rougher users. It’s taller than other low-profile car chargers, but given that it can charge with 70W of power I will allow it to be bulkier.

It comes with two USB-C ports, one blue and one black. Both can charge at higher speed than your run-of-the-mill car charger.


  • 70W Power Output
  • Dual USB-C PD Ports
  • ProCharge Power Philosophy
  • Built with GaN technology


So here are the details on this charger. It can do a total of 70W which works out to 50W on the blue port, and 20W on the black port if both are in use at the same time. If you are only using one port, and it’s the blue one, then you get the full 70W power.

Perfect for fast-charging that new iPad you got a Christmas, or even provide needed power to that MacBook Air while your co-pilot works while you drive.

70W on a single port is something I have not seen before! When used with phones, I did notice that my phone, while on GPS, was charging much faster than before. This means that instead of gaining a few digits of battery during a ride, I was able to get a good 20-30% back easy! This means that if you do long drives, the charger does not only keep your device but actually charges it as if it was plugged in the wall.

Nomad sure has a nice box design!

I did not have to travel with my computer, but I did try it and it did pull in 70W for it. Very impressive for such a small device!


No matter what your power needs are, the 70W Car Charger from Nomad will be your best companion on those long drive so you and your loved ones are not feeling that yellow battery icon! Be it for two iPhones at once charging 27-29W each or 50W for a laptop while your phone still gets a sweet 20W, the Nomad Car Charger will deliver!

Great power, great responsibility, great design all mixed into a single charging product from Nomad. I’ve reviewed multiple products from Nomad, like the 65W Wall Charger or the sleek looking Walnut Base Station and they are constantly able to deliver great design with superb specs, every time!

Review Summary

70W Car ChargerNomad Goods
70W Car Charger

A power-packed USB-C charger that packs a punch, a 70W punch that is!

70W Car Charger
Nomad Magnetic Vent Mount

The Good Stuff
  • Great design
  • 70W total power (one port), 50W/20W (two ports!)
  • Sturdy built
The Bad Stuff
  • Not compact
The Ratings
Power options
Overall: 93%
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