On Apple Working on a VR Headset

January 30, 2016 20:52 EST • Alexandre Vallières-Lagacé • 2 minute read • Permalink

Juli Clover writing for MacRumors:

Apple has expanded its research efforts in virtual and augmented reality, building out a large team that is experimenting with headsets and other technologies, reports Financial Times in a detailed post on the company’s virtual reality work that covers recent hires and acquisitions.

For me Apple has been experimenting with VR since the very moment the Occulus Rift was announced on Kickstarter. What you need to make a good headset is 3 things:

  • great, high density screens
  • super fast gyroscope
  • processor capable of syncing all this with low (or no) latency

And perhaps a device that can also run the games, as a bonus so you only need one device.

The picture that comes to mind is an iPhone. I’m sure Apple can get into the game with years old tech like an old 4S generation hardware and a specially adapted CPU optimized for 0 delay movement called the VR1.

Apple has the knowledge and tech to make an amazing headset that could even be the gaming console itself. Or connected via a Lighning cable to your iPhone. We all know Apple has some issues with its services and apps, but one thing that is rock solid with their game is the hardware they make.

What better place than iOS to showcase a new Infinity Blade VR at the next WWDC? That would be very cool, plus I trust Apple’s taste of esthetics much more than the competition.