Airmail 1.1 Adds Many New Features

April 12, 2016 14:05 EST • Alexandre Vallières-Lagacé • 1 minute read • Permalink

Bloop, makers of Airmail for iOS and macOS (see what I did there!), have releases a new version of my current favourite mail client on both OSes.

Version 1.1 on iOS adds many new features, and the best of all is that it’s a free update! The most notable is the iPad Pro support and split screen usage.

  • iPad Support - with split screen and multitasking
  • Keyboard Support - specific actions to be linked with common shortcuts
  • Read Receipts - track when messages are read
  • Send Later - schedule an email for the right time, even if the app is closed (Gmail + Exchange)
  • Smart Folders - use saved searches as smart folders with powerful operators
  • Touch ID - to restrict access to the app
  • Group support in composer
  • Reply ~ Reply All switcher
  • Draw a quick sketch in the composer
  • 2 finger Swipe to next message
  • Extended Headers - display Extended Headers for integrations with CMS
  • New Actions - Add to Contacts, Full Screen, Unsubscribe Newsletter
  • New Integrations - Due, Proud, Instapaper, Calendar5, PdfExpert5, Byword, Parcel

Hop over to the App Store and download Airmail, highly recommended:

Airmail for iOS
Airmail for Mac OS