Griffin to Release a 100-Watt BreakSafe Cable for MacBook Pro

Griffin to Release a 100-Watt BreakSafe Cable for MacBook Pro ➟

January 04, 2017 21:36 EST • Alexandre Vallières-Lagacé • less than 1 minute read • Permalink

Griffin is set to release a new version of the BreakSafe cable released last year for the MacBook, this time for the 100-watt MacBook Pro.

Keeping up with Apple’s newest MacBook Pro, the BreakSafe Hi-Power Magnetic USB-C Breakaway Cable is rated for a capacity of up to 100 watts (20 volts at 5 amps).

I really don’t like the look of it. The one from last year was already too big and now they made it even bigger. I don’t get it at all…

The MagNeo currently on Kickstarter is a much better looking solution, although it’s still a bit too big to my tastes. But I think I could live with this.

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