The First Smart Drug Is Safe According to Studies

The First Smart Drug Is Safe According to Studies

February 13, 2017 20:42 EST • Alexandre Vallières-Lagacé • 1 minute read • Permalink

Well it might not be as good as coffee, but it seems to be safe and comes without the side effect from coffee.

The article is quite interesting and does not raise concern on short and medium timeframe. We still do not know the long term side effects but at least it’s been thouroughly studied.

This drug—normally used to treat a sleep disorder—may be the world’s first true smart drug, according to a new systematic review. It enhances attention, improves learning, and boosts “fluid intelligence”—which we use to solve problems and think creatively.

We don’t fully understand how the drug works, but one theory is that it enhances brain activity in areas that manage those skills.

Are you ready to ditch your morning ☕️? I’m not even if it makes me smarter!