Exway X1 Unboxing and First Impressions

October 1, 2018 15:22 EST • Alexandre Vallières-Lagacé • 2 minute read

Time for another electric skateboard review, well, not quite. This time it’s an unboxing and first impressions! Then, later the full review will come!

The Exway X1 is a recent board that promises belt-driven types of performance, ease of use and quality inside a more affordable package with a bunch of smart features that you will really like!

Exway X1 Electric Longboard

The Exway X1 is the first board from the guys behind the Exway company and it’s a seriously good first try! You can think of this as mix between a Boosted Board, a Juiced Board and sprinkle on the result some magic dust that adds smart features through a mobile app that does not only show the total range ridden but allows you to customize the behaviour of the board!

The main feature of this hub motor powered board is the fact that the whole thing is IP55 water resistant. This means that almost everything electrical in this board is hidden away. The board itself has a bottom part made of shaped plastic and the waterproof grip tape covers the top of the board for a great seal. The power connector, a usual suspect when water damage normally occurs, is water tight and uses magnetic charging.

The only damage you can get from puddles is rust on your bearings that requires a normal maintenance!

Head over to the included video for my first impressions and expect a full review very soon!