Unlimited x Loaded Race Electric Skateboard Unboxing

October 29, 2019 12:22 EST • Alexandre Vallières-Lagacé • 1 minute read

After trying multiple electric skateboards of various flavours, I was very curious to see an actual partnership between Unlimited Engineering and Loaded Boards to strap a cool electric system to a quality longboards with 100% legit skateboarding parts made by trusted brands!

This is the unboxing of the Unlimited x Loaded Race Complete as well as an overview of the different parts of the board!

The board is made of only quality know brand parts, which is pretty rare in the esk8 world. The Race model I am reviewing is the dual battery and dual motor version which can go up to 42 km/h and for a range of 21 km.

The particular thing here is not only is the board a Loaded Tesseract, but the trucks are Paris Trucks, the bearings are Loaded and the wheels are Orangatang Caguamas! Including the PU around the hub motors! Very impressive!