Belkin Boost↑Up Charging Stand Review

Belkin Boost↑Up Charging Stand Review

February 28, 2019 10:30 EST • Tyler Ménard • 3 minute read

Belkin is known for making great accessories. In the past, we’ve reviewed the PowerHouse Charge Dock which charges your watch and your phone at once. The Belkin Boost↑Up is the latest Belkin stand that now supports Qi charging.


The stand is made mostly of rubber and plastic. Your phone is secure in both landscape and portrait charging modes. The bottom of the dock has a little groove that helps the phone lock into position. The borders on both sides make it easy to rest the phone in a dark room, they serve as guides to find the stand. The stand doesn’t have any branding except for a little engraved logo in the middle of the charging pad that is hidden with a phone. No over-branding very understated. It makes for a very sleek looking stand.


The Boost↑Up works in both portrait and landscape orientation. Two indicator LEDs let you know when the phone is charging, one for portrait and one for landscape. The phone can also be charged using a case as thick as 3mm. I’ve only tested with an Apple Silicon Case which works great. The LED will blink if something is getting in between the phone and the pad preventing it from charging. The stand comes with an AC adapter attached to a 1.5 metre cable. It is compatible with all Qi devices, which includes Apple, Samsung, LG and Sony. The Boost↑Up comes with a 2 year warranty plus an additional year if you register the device. A $2,500 Connected Equipment Warranty is also available if anything happens to your device while it’s charging.

Belkin Boost↑Up Dock


The stand charges at up to 10W depending on the device. The iPhone will only charge at 7.5W which is a slight upgrade from the 5W adapter that comes with all new iPhones. Including a 5W charger with the purchase of a phone in 2019 is pretty cheap but this is not the place where I will dwelve on the subject.

Several Android devices will support the maximum output of 10W with the Boost↑Up charging pad while the Samsung Galaxy phones charge at 9W. I can’t comment on the difference between this stand and the standard adapter provided with the phone, I normally let it charge while I sleep. If I ever need a fast fill up, I still use a 10W iPad adapter and a lightning cable. I do use the Mophie Charging Pad+ to provide little fill ups when I’m running around the house doing chores. The biggest performance gain comes from the ease of using a Qi charger instead of a cable. It’s so much easier to drop you phone on a pad, or in this case prop up your phone on a pad than fiddling around with a cable. This means a lot more little instances of charging throughout the day. I’m no scientist, but several fill ups might actually be better for the health of your battery than full discharge and full charge.


As I’ve stated in the Mophie Charging Pad review I’ve become a huge fan of wireless charging (inductive charging!), this stand is all I want in a bedside charger. I would benefit from Qi charging for all my devices, I’m looking at you AirPods.

Review Summary

Boost↑UpBelkin International

The Boost↑Up is a wireless charging stand for your phone by Belkin.

Belkin BoostUp
Belkin PowerHouse ChargeDock

The Good Stuff
  • Fast
  • Quality Materials
  • Up Right Design
The Bad Stuff
  • Price
  • LED Light Always On
  • Bulky
The Ratings
Overall: 83%
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