Nomad Magnetic Vent Mount Review

Nomad Magnetic Vent Mount Review

January 13, 2024 11:14 EST • Alexandre Vallières-Lagacé • 2 minute read

Nomad launched a new car accessories collection recently, and I was curious about their take on a few products I’ve used in the past. I was interested in both the MagSafe Magnetic Vent Mount, and the 70W car charger as I’ve used variations of these over the years.

The Magnetic Vent Mount looks just like their recently Stand One single device vertical stand charger. With the difference, that the Magnetic Vent Mount is all black.


The Magnetic Vent Mount is like the name implies, a mount that you attach to one of the blades of your car air vent. It just slides in and holds there with the squeezing pressure from its rubberized “teeth”.

It has a rotating ball joint to adjust the angle and tighten it. Compared to other similar devices, the phone is much further away from the vent than I’m used to. I’ve used other devices like the Belkin Air Vent Mount and I’m used to the phone being much closer. Rest assure, though, this means that if your car has one of those deeper vents, you will have more chance of the Nomad one to fit better.

Nomad Magnetic Vent Mount’s nice box


  • Sleek polycarbonate & glass design
  • Works with any MagSafe-enabled device
  • Compatible with standard horizontal and vertical vehicle vents


The installation is easy and quick. But the real challenge was taken it on the Quebec roads, renowned for being mostly made of pot holes… It survived the test! Even hitting bumps of all sizes, my phone never fell from the device!

The magnet in the holder is very strong and do a great job of holding the phone in either vertical or horizontal position. Perfect to be used as a GPS for long trips!

In my car, I still need to get used to the phone being much closer than on previous mounts I used, but I think this will be a welcome design choice for those with recessed air vents.


If you are looking for a sleek-looking car mounts, the Nomad Magnetic Vent Mount is a great product as it does exactly what it should and most of all, it does not look out of place in a recently luxurious car interior! The mix of polycarbonate and a black MagSafe magnet makes it the best-looking car mount I’ve seen in a car!

And if you want to provide power to it, either you get the Charge Mount or use a cable with their new 70W car charger like I do. More in a separate review for the 70W charger!

Review Summary

Magnetic Vent MountNomad Goods
Magnetic Vent Mount

A simple, yet effective MagSafe holder for your car that does not leave a mark.

Nomad Magnetic Vent Mount
70W Car Charger

The Good Stuff
  • Sleek design, fits luxurious interiors
  • Strong magnet
  • Fits recessed air vents
The Bad Stuff
  • For non-recessed vents, phone is much further from vent
The Ratings
Overall: 90%
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